Meet Tom O'Malley - Project Support Associate, MRN

1.) How long have you worked at MRN?

Dec 2019 – 1 year 4 months

2.) A typical day in the life of a Project Support Associate at MRN would look like… ?

When I first log on I make sure there are no emergencies or immediate emails that need to be taken care of right away. I go through any forms we receive from nurses or sites that need to be filed away and try to get out any requests for supplies for nurses. If any sites have sent emails regarding queries/issues related to nurses or some subjects/visits we help with that. And if they have any queries from any previous visits that have happened, we also answer those.

80% of what we do as Project Support Associates (PSAs) is making sure that upcoming visits in the next week or two have everything in place. So making sure nurses have supplies, and that we have received all the right referral forms and ensure we have the nurses in place. We make sure that everything is in place to ensure visits can be completed successfully and chase outstanding items to make it happen.

3.) In your opinion, what makes a great Project Support Associate at MRN?

  • Someone who is very organised – you could see 10-15 tasks that you need to complete in a day and you need to ensure this is done in a timely fashion so that visits aren’t delayed or cancelled.
  • To have the ability to multitask – sometimes if you’re sitting in on a meeting and an issue pops up, you need to be able to take care of that right away, and be able to jump back in on the meeting without missing a beat. Sometimes you can have a lot people messaging you to ask questions and need to send things out all at once so you need to be able to do it all.

4.) What made you want to join MRN?

I had just recently finished my graduate programme in Clinical Research and Administration so I was looking for something related to the same field and seeing the ad for this role sounded like it would be something that could keep my interests and be fast paced as I love having something to do instead of sitting around doing nothing.

The other reason was that I heard MRN was a newer company. I liked the idea of joining a company that has just started up and is still growing so I can see how far it will take itself and take me!

5.) What’s the best thing about your role?

There’s never a dull moment and there’s always something to do to keep you busy but it’s not always the same thing over and over again. There’s always something new that pops up like a new type of study you need to get affiliated with and is just constantly peaking my interests.

6.) What 3 words best describe MRN for you?

Family – Growth – Diverse.

7.) What does MRN offer you?

It constantly gives me ways to improve myself and my position in the company as well as my knowledge of the various areas within the company. There’s always opportunities to take on additional tasks which may not be a standard PSA task and learn more aspects on clinical trials.

8.) Do you have advice for anybody who wants to work in your field?

Sometimes it can feel like it’s easy to get overwhelmed when there is a lot of issues that come in and need to be fixed alongside documents to complete. But if you’re keeping track of everything, staying organised and just take a breath it can really help you to knock everything down without getting completely overwhelmed and feel like the world is crashing around you.

9.) What motivates you to work hard?

For me personally, it is the fact that in the Clinical Research field, a lot of the things we work on need to be done on time by us, in order to keep the studies and home visits moving along.

10.) What is your favorite thing about your career?

The company as a whole! I really love the company itself that I work for and how things are organised. How we are constantly working to update the processes and the way we work. The higher ups always want to know/ask our for our opinions and it feels like you’re really heard here.