Meet Brian Gray - People Manager, US

1.) How long have you worked at MRN?

Since June 2019

2.) A typical day in the life of a People Manager at MRN would look like… ?

My role has a lot of variety day-to-day, which is one of the reasons I enjoy my job so much. But I suppose any given day I’m juggling a lot of different sized and shaped plates, constantly trying to make sure one doesn’t drop. While at the same time, doing my best to support MRN’s greatest asset – our team members!

3.) In your opinion, what makes a great People Manager at MRN?

Someone who is flexible and can manage many changing priorities. Someone who is a team player, but can also move projects forward independently. Someone who can listen, provide guidance and remain objective in a wide variety of situations with a variety of team members at all levels. Also, a high level of social/emotional intelligence is key.

4.) What made you want to join MRN?

I’ve always worked for companies that are doing something unique and leading their industries. MRN is just that type of company, just in a very different industry for me. Prior to MRN, I worked in the Hospitality and Food Service industries so to be honest I was a bit hesitant when I first started the recruitment process with MRN, but everyone I met with during my interview process really made me feel like this was the right move for me.

5.) What’s the best thing about your role?

Working on the People Team gives me the opportunity to have interactions with, and have a direct impact on, all team members within the company.

6.) What 3 words best describe MRN for you?

Innovative – Driven – Diverse.

7.) What does MRN offer you?

MRN offers a lot of opportunity for me to expand my skills and knowledge in new ways that are challenging but are also very rewarding. I work on a lot of different projects and get to do that in a very collaborative way. MRN also provides me a really positive work environment in which I feel valued and get to be member of an amazing team.

8.) Do you have advice for anybody who wants to work in your field?

A lot of people tend to get into the HR field because they like helping people. While you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to help shape positive moments in people’s lives, you will also need to enforce policies and balance what’s in the best interest of everyone, not just one team member. That can often be challenging. But when you get it right, it’s really rewarding.

9.) What motivates you to work hard?

There is a misconception in the world about HR departments being slow to react or not being helpful. A large part of my personal satisfaction comes from showing the team members at MRN that our People team does not fit that stereotype, and we are doing everything we can to create a positive and supportive experience for us all.

10.) What is your favorite thing about your career?

As passionate as I was while working in the hospitality industry, MRN is truly making a difference in people’s lives. To be a part of that is really rewarding and gives me a different sense of purpose in my job.