Best Practices for Conducting Decentralized Clinical Trials in Japan

23rd Nov 2021

More than ever, people are talking about direct to patient, decentralized or community based clinical trials, and as the organization who pioneered these kinds of studies back in 2006, we have the expertise to bring the benefits of these types of trials to Japan. Decentralized clinical trials improve patient recruitment and retention as well as speeding up the overall clinical trial process with 58% of people saying that these trials complete an average of 3 months faster than traditional trials. * This webinar will discuss decentralized clinical trials and the benefits they have proven for the clinical trial industry along with some real-life examples of how MRN have delivered in challenging circumstances and how we’re now using our global experience and local Japanese expertise to deliver decentralized clinical trials in Japan. Register for this webinar to hear our CEO Graham Wylie share the key considerations around implementing decentralized clinical trials, his recommendations on the best practice for using decentralized clinical trials, as well as what the future looks like for decentralised clinical trials in Japan. * Source: Informa report – Impacts of DCT 2021

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