How to build a decentralized clinical trial and avoid common mistakes

09th Jun 2021

How to build a decentralized clinical trial and avoid common mistakes

Decentralized trials have proven to allow continued recruitment and retention of patients, keeping trials and patient’s wellbeing on track, even during a pandemic.

For the past 15 years, MRN has been driving the successful implementation of decentralized clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. MRN has spent over a decade advocating for a decentralized, patient-friendly approach to clinical trials, bringing trial visits to the patient in their own home and community. MRN successfully delivered a historical record number of visits in response to our most challenging chapter, helping our clients successfully navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. While the industry in recent years has discussed various decentralized, patient-centric strategies, Covid-19 brought their implementation to the very forefront of clinical trial development. As an industry, we saw sites close, studies lose their trial patients and hundreds of millions of research dollars at risk.

In response, both existing and new clients turned to MRN to help rescue their trials from imminent failure. New, rapid response teams and processes were created and implemented across the business to continue to support our clients. Our service offerings expanded, and we continued to strengthen our alliances with suppliers.

In this webinar you will hear experts from MRN and Magenta Therapeutics share their best practices in planning, implementation and integrations – things you need to know to successfully run a decentralized clinical trial. You will get a view into the successes, challenges and lessons learned from both sides of the table. They will introduce listeners to their learnings and experience running trials during a pandemic and share their insights to designing trials that can incorporate decentralized services.

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