Meet Ana Baltazar - Senior Compliance Associate


1) What is the core purpose of your role and your key responsibilities?

As a member of the Quality Management function my role has the responsibility to ensure MRN services are compliant with global and local regulations and with clinical trials standards and guidelines. The best way to do this in ensuring the quality system that supports MRN is efficient, effective, and fit for purpose.


2) What first attracted you to MRN and why did you choose to join us?

It was the people that interviewed me, I did work in a similar company before coming to MRN, but the people, they were as passionate as I was about quality. They really were the reason for me joining MRN. I even moved closer to the office to do so!


3) In 3 words, how would you describe the culture of your team?

Supportive, Trusting, and Open minded.

4) What advice would you give to someone who is joining MRN?

It is not just another job at MRN, your role impacts both our services and individual patients. A patient’s quality of life can be positively changed from something you’re doing.