Seamless Data Management

Our suite of eClinical solutions delivers seamless integration of technology with in-home visit clinicians, the site, the patient, and the sponsor. By combining clinical and digital, we are enhancing the delivery of clinical trials making them more flexible, efficient and improving data quality for drug developers.

Our unified eSource platform allows you to capture robust and integrated data from any location, designed to provide simplified processes for sites and patients.


Our core platform modules consist of:
Data Review & Coding
Remote Monitoring
Integrating in-home and at-site solutions

Securing complete & accurate data

Utilizing MRN’s technology and tools at site and in the home can improve patient compliance, extend the range of assessments that can be completed in the home, provide a communication platform for physicians and patients, open capabilities for additional physician oversite, create a unified data collection platform and can provide more complete and accurate data.

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