How MRN Works

We understand the increasingly complex nature of clinical trials and that each research study has different protocols. We review all protocols and suggest a bespoke combination of services that will help you deliver the outcomes you need.

Our dedicated R&D team constantly scans the horizon of trends to anticipate future research requirements. By using our existing knowledge, coupled with insight and analytics, we constantly innovate to future proof the research support we can deliver. We work with you to provide expert clinical input and deliver the best patient experience, while supporting your clinical and commercial needs.

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Working with your Team

Our teams of clinical research project managers and experienced research staff, supplemented with long established and valued partners, act as a single provider for global, decentralized trial delivery.

We scale quickly and efficiently to deliver visits where your sites require them, wherever the patients live.


Our Expertise

We conduct clinical trials wherever the patient is in the world, and our network opens a platform for sharing best practices for community clinical trial solutions; so, you only need to deal with one provider for global delivery.


Keeping your data safe

We understand the challenges of running decentralized protocol visits globally while ensuring local compliance. We work with experts on the ground in each country to ensure we meet all nuanced regulations.

Home Trial Support

Decentralization of clinical trials is an important tool to improve recruitment and retention of patients and support investigators. It isn’t about taking the complex and making it simple, it’s about delivering the complex efficiently and safely for you.

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Remote Research Visits

Our Home Trial Support service takes the clinical trial to the patient by conducting research visits in the community, supported by global teams of healthcare professionals and clinical research experts. Our approach lessens the burden on the trial sites and the patients.


Bringing the visits to the Patients

We undertake everything from simple blood draws through to complex IMP administration in the comfort and security of the patient’s own home.


Sample and IMP Transportation

We have long-standing and unique relationships with world-class partners, such as World Courier, the most trusted specialty medical logistics company in the world.


Working with IMP

Our internal pharmacy experts can support with the physical, chemical aspects of IMP, giving options, appropriate preparation, administration and storage of IMP, what may compromise stability and global country specific pharma regulations. We also offer central pharmacy in several locations to support IMP preparation and delivery.

Site Professional Support

Our Site Professional Support service is made up of experienced and trained healthcare professionals and study site coordinators that we deploy to work with your investigators on site, easing their burdens and helping to keep sites to timescales and within budgets.

Our reach is global. We can place healthcare professionals at a single site or specialty project teams can be created.

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Supporting your Sites

We support your sites to achieve:

  • Faster patient identification & recruitment
  • Manage patient visit schedules
  • Easier IXRS set up and management
  • Improved (e)CRF completion & query management
  • Increased screening capabilities
  • Increased recruitment rates
  • Expanded patient pool
  • Overall support for the investigator and study team