What you should expect

Our research staff are fully trained and understand what they need to do to keep you safe and compliant with the study visit requirements.

They are equipped with everything required to complete the study visit with you and will liaise with the courier on your behalf.

Our team will contact you before the visit to make sure the time and date are convenient for you and to check how you’re doing.

All we ask is that you provide them with a clean, safe place to put everything and keep the space where they will be working free of pets.

What patients say

Our services are focused on putting the patient at the center of clinical research, but don't take our word for it. Here is what some of our previous patients have said:
I felt like I got a break, kind of. That I could go upstairs or go into another room and do stuff, and not have to be there with her all the time. I thought it was really nice, actually. That I could be home—instead of driving to the hospital, and sitting there for hours and hours and hours, and then driving back. I was at home, I could do stuff.
I like home visits, especially because driving to the hospital... Nightmare. I would much rather have them come to my house. Especially if you’re really sick and you can’t work or anything, you’re always at home anyways, so it’s pretty easy, versus sitting in traffic. And not feeling good and sitting in traffic is miserable.
It was easy to talk to [the nurse] … and get along with her. And she made herself pretty sparse. She was in the kitchen, which was in the center of the house, but it still—you really didn’t know she was there unless you heard the little machine going or something.

Additional Resources

There are lots of organisations offering specific patient support, we've put together a list of some of the ones you might find useful. If you have questions on your treatment always speak directly with your doctor.
Patient Resources