Working with you

We understand that the success of the study relies on reliable and consistent communication with all team members.

Our staff and study personnel are high caliber, qualified and trained to ensure they understand the trial, protocol and visit requirements. All staff interacting with your patients will be experienced in undertaking the procedures required.

Our decentralized visits are managed centrally by our project management teams so you’ll have an experienced and dedicated team supporting you throughout the trial.

We’re here to ensure the complexities of the clinical trial process are delivered efficiently to you, your teams, patients and the study sponsor and we have experience supporting sites globally with their decentralized clinical trial needs.

What you need to do

1. Obtain consent from all patients who wish to use MRN's HTS service
2. Keep all relevant documents provided by MRN in the site study file (nurse qualification, training documentation and signed Delegation of Authority Log)
3. Complete the relevant documentation to refer a patient to MRN (Subject Referral Form (SRF), Physician Order Form (POF) and Site to Home Handover Form (SHHF). 10 working days are required for the referral process
4. Ensure the site is available via telephone during the remote visit
5. Ensure all documentation is available for the Principal Investigator to review
6. Report any Serious Adverse Events
7. Liaise with the MRN team according to the visit schedule
8. Communicate any important information or concerns to MRN
And remember, you remain the primary point of contact and overall responsible party for the patient and their medical care.

What MRN does

1. Ensure that all healthcare professionals (HCP) are appropriately trained
2. Provide equipment, supplies and documentation as per protocol visit requirements
3. Collect all relevant documentation (Study Personnel CVs, Training Logs, Delegation of Authority Signature Log, Country Specific Data Protection and Authorization Forms) and provide to the site
4. Liaise with all HCP to ensure they have all information on patient referral and visit schedules
5. Ensure all remote visits are scheduled and tracked
6. Review and check the data from each visit to ensure all is completed correctly
7. Communicate between the site the HCP and the courier, as required
8. Contact the site immediately should an SAE be suspected or if there are any concerns about the patients well being

What customers have to say

We are very appreciative of The MRN and the nurses that conduct the visits for the trial.It is because of their service that participant burden for the trial can be minimized.
It has been great working with MRN again as well! I worked with you years ago when I was at [large pharmaceutical company] and I'm glad the culture did not change - the culture of hard work, great service and above all patient-centric values. I brought your name to [biopharma organisation], I fully suspect I'll bring your name to my next organization.
They are wonderful! They are responsive, diligent, and mindful. They are experts in this and have demonstrated so...
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