Meet Shalmali Job - Senior Executive Director, Portfolio Optimisation



1) What is the core purpose for your team and your key responsibilities?

I lead the Portfolio Optimisation group responsible for optimising the service utilization and building strong foundations for project success. The group integrates the MRN Visit Delivery and Site Relationship Management functions. Successful end-to end service delivery and strong relationships at site, patient and client level remain our collective focus whilst driving the uptake and return on investment.


2) What first attracted you to MRN and why did you choose to join us? 

Its niche area piqued my interest. It was the opportunity to learn about and engage in an aspect of clinical trial operations I hadn’t yet explored.


3) What keeps you at MRN?

Sounds clichéd, but excitement and challenges of the work, my wonderful team and colleagues, the fantastic support from the management team, and the often unspoken about employee benefits! (There is no order of preference here- to me these are parts that collectively facilitate a sense of fulfilment).


4) What do you believe are the essential qualities of a great leader?

Empathy, listening and communication with sincerity, and the ability to strike a balance between what’s an idea and what’s necessary. Also, relevant work-life experiences can drive a lot of the guidance and leading.