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Decentralized Clinical Trials or Traditional… Sites are still critical

Sites are a very important part of how we deliver our Home Trial Support (HTS) service to patients. It is the Site Team that is very likely to have that first discussion with patients to introduce the concept of decentralized clinical trial visits and the benefits that remote clinical trial visits can provide.

Each Site is allocated a dedicated MRN team to work with; to be there in step with the Site and provide support from the start. We provide training to explain what our HTS service looks like, to answer any questions they might have, and to be there all the way through the clinical trial journey.

The relationship we have with Sites means that we get to know the flow of the Site; what works for them, when are their most pressurized days, when is it best to get input from particular members of the Site team, when might the Pharmacy staff be available etc. By building this profile, we can fit in alongside the other activities that the site conducts.

We are keen to grow with the needs that Sites have. Sometimes it’s not always about the HTS service. We are aware that Sites are under pressure like never before due to several critical factors such as workforce availability, competing demands for healthcare professionals and the complexity of protocol requirements.

MRN also brings bespoke Site-specific support to Site teams. This means we can find the most appropriate support that the site might need such as additional Healthcare Professional support, Study Co-ordinator support, and data entry support. It is sometimes difficult for Sites to accurately forecast what support they need and for how long they might need it. Our bespoke Site-specific support offerings allow the Site to have full flexibility in their decisions whether they require the full-time support of a Healthcare Professional for six months or one day per month of data entry support.

MRN has over 16 years of experience in providing both types of service support and we are always looking to broaden the opportunity to provide support to our site network. We know that Sites are a key stakeholder for MRN’s Home Trial Support Solution.



Caroline Potts, Vice President of Visit Delivery

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