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MRN Pandemic Response

Over the course of the last 5 weeks, MRN have methodically implemented business continuity plans which are holding up well in the face of the pandemic.  We initiated a Corporate COVID Board to co-ordinate our response, which has focused on supporting our operational projects to keep our trials going and extending their reach to more countries, sites and patients.  It has also created an expedited start-up process for trials we do not presently support but which are in crisis.  Projects have been initiated to protect and extend our supply chain for nurses, equipment, supplies, systems and services in all the countries in which we operate.  We are supporting our nurses with specific clinical guidance and equipment to deal with the risk of infection.  Our vendor management team are producing daily updates on the status of the service country by country.

Customer demand has reached unprecedented heights already, and we expect this to grow over the coming weeks.  To meet this demand, we have guidance available for customers to enable rapid decisions as to which trials can be effectively supported.  Our aim is to provide the broadest support for the most trials and patients possible.  We have accelerated our telemedicine program and partnerships and are introducing other capabilities to fit the demand of studies that are not able to access their sites safely or logistically.

We are the leading exponents of Home-based Clinical Trials.  We have the systems, processes, people and expertise.  To respond to the pandemic, we are accelerating our already rapid growth with even greater levels of recruitment and training.  We are helping as many drug developers as we can, but demand is very high, so if you have a need please let us know soon as possible to help us plan.

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