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MRN Proud To Support the LGBTQIA+ Community

Happy Pride Month!

MRN is celebrating Pride Month and allies itself with the LGBTQIA+ Community. Many companies change their logos to incorporate a rainbow during Pride, some consumer-based companies also market Pride merchandise. A lot of those same companies who appear to profit from Pride goods also donate substantial percentages of their profit from those goods to LGBTQIA+ charities. Some just change their logo to celebrate the month.

The decision to celebrate Pride openly and externally can be a complex one. The term “Rainbow Washing” is often levelled at companies who re-brand for a month and don’t do anything else. Some less reputable firms just exploit the Pride brand for profit. The fear of this accusation has stopped many companies from displaying a changed logo. MRN has historically fitted into this category. Not this year! In June 2023 we are proud to announce that MRN will be changing its logo to celebrate Pride!
But why now?

Being an Ally is one of our core company values! If we continue to be afraid that we will be accused of celebrating Pride but not following it through with action, then we probably will never take any tangible action in the future. Equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) is a priority for MRN. There is much that we do that is right, however, there is far more that we need to do in the coming year and beyond. As we learn, adapt and change MRN will become a better company for it.

MRN is an inclusive company: we have recruitment policies and processes designed to ensure inclusiveness; we review all our job descriptions to ensure that they do not inadvertently exclude particular groups or individuals; our policies and procedures are aligned to ED&I; we are proud to maintain an inclusive culture at MRN.

The decision to change the logo says several things to the outside world:

  • If you are in the LGBTQIA+ community then you are welcome in the MRN community. We are a safe place to come and work and develop your career.
  • If you are a patient in any minority group, our model is designed to enable clinical studies to be more inclusive and make life saving medical treatments available to diverse populations globally.
  • Our employees have the right to hold MRN to account on all matters relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – and they will!

Pride is a protest, it’s a celebration, and it’s fun. But let’s not forget that its roots come from thousands of years of persecution and that sadly continues around the world. It continues in places you would expect it and more recently in places where you wouldn’t. In some parts of the world, it means prison or death.
MRN cannot change the world, but it can change the MRN world. Celebrating Pride is part of a broader initiative to challenge ourselves to progress the Diversity and Inclusion agenda. Our aim is to demonstrate tangible results and our Operating Board and employees will be measuring that success going forward.

MRN stands with the LGBTQIA+ community. We stand with you whether you are one of our patients, customers, healthcare professionals, employees, potential employees, partners, family or friends.

Author: Malcolm Horsley

Vice President of Business Quality Development

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