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Clinical Research Sites – Resource Optimization and Site Selection

22nd May 2023

Whether working with a traditional or a decentralized clinical research model, everyone knows that choosing clinical research sites can make or break the success of patient recruitment and retention on a trial. Some sites will complete on time and budget with happy and supported patients who will continue to the end of the trial, giving clean, high-quality data. While others could face delays, overspends, high dropout rates, incomplete data sets and more.

But what if all sites could be successful?

In this webinar, the featured speaker will highlight the value of having a dedicated site relationship team, along with expert project management and clinical support to assist internal and site teams to:

Enable increased patient recruitment:
– On site or remote support to find, engage with and recruit patients.
Deliver visits:
– On site support with study visits such as pre-screening, screening, bloods, ECGs, any assessments as per the protocol
Coordinate a study:
– Support the site with tasks from informed consent, setting up clinic lists, reviewing all patient referrals, recruitment management all the way through to budget management
Complete data entry:
– On site support for any outstanding source date on the eCRF

Join this webinar to hear a site relationship management expert share their knowledge and expertise on optimizing and supporting clinical research sites.

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