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Complex DCT delivery – What is possible outside of a site?

07th Dec 2022

How do you retain patients in a complex trial? For clinical research professionals, testing medications and procedures on patient populations who feel unwell and have mobility or logistical challenges can be taxing, physically, mentally, and emotionally for patients and their families – disruptive to their everyday lives and to the everyday lives of their families.

For many clinical trialists, patient retention and engagement, especially in a complex trial, are challenges that keep them up at night, worrying that valuable patients will not complete the trial.  Decentralizing trials is proven to improve patient retention, but if it’s a method of conducting research that the trialist hasn’t experienced before, the benefit, value and possibilities when building decentralized trial visits into a protocol, might not be fully realized.

There are many procedures that can be completed in the home, and a significant number of those are far more complex than you would anticipate. From double blinded healthcare professionals delivering IMP, to timed PK blood draws and digitally linked visits, there are so many complex visit types that can be delivered in a decentralized clinical trial.

In this webinar, Todd McGrath, Chief Operating Officer, and Emily McDougal, Executive Director Nurse Management, will show you how MRN’s decentralized delivery of complex clinical visits benefits your clinical trials, sites, and patients.

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