How to Ensure Site Success Through This New Era of Increased Decentralized Trial Adoption

24th Nov 2022

For many sites the recent increase in utilization of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) was a forced relationship, being implemented in response to the pandemic, and rushed to rescue trials that would have otherwise failed. Now, the world is in a new decentralized trial era, one in which decentralized solutions are more well-known and accepted, being built into trials proactively. As a result, more sites are being asked to not only learn how to implement these solutions but also know how to successfully utilize decentralized trial elements. Appropriate implementation and successful delivery is no small task!

After 16 years of delivering decentralized elements in trials, MRN has become well-versed with the burdens and issues that sites face when implementing DCTs and the challenges they must overcome all while keeping the patient’s care their top priority. In response, they built an ecosystem of processes and teams to help sites become more successful DCT users.

In this webinar, the featured speakers will share their experience working with sites and delivering decentralized clinical trials to ensure critical data is collected, trials realize the full value of DCTs and sites can run these trials more successfully.

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