Home Trial Support


Digitally Supported Remote Research Visits

Our Home Trial Support service takes the clinical trial to the patient by conducting research visits in the community, supported by global teams of healthcare professionals, clinical research experts, and digital elements. Our approach lessens the burden on patients while increasing recruitment and retention rates, at the same time improving data quality for sites and drug developers.


Bringing the Visits to the Patients

We undertake everything from simple blood draws through to complex IMP administration in the comfort and security of the patient’s own home.


Sample and IMP Transportation

We have long-standing and unique relationships with world-class partners, such as World Courier, the most trusted specialty medical logistics company in the world.


Working with IMP

Our internal pharmacy experts can support with the physical, chemical aspects of IMP, giving options, appropriate preparation, administration and storage of IMP, what may compromise stability and global country specific pharma regulations. We also offer central pharmacy in several locations to support IMP preparation and delivery.

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