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Webinar – What can an advanced digital platform bring to your decentralized clinical trials?

As the clinical trial industry is fully committing to the adoption of technology, MRN is listening and advancing its digital technology platform to fully support the demands of Decentralized Clinical Trials, Virtual Clinical Trials and Hybrid Clinical Trials.

This webinar will discuss implementation considerations along with the studies and patient populations who would most benefit from technological support.

At MRN, patients have and always will be at the heart of our DNA – it’s important to provide them with a protocol design that best supports them, their families, and communities. We’ve been using our expertise for the last 15 years to improve recruitment and retention rates and accelerate the drug development process, all while limiting the intrusiveness on patients as much as possible.

Now we want to share our expertise with you.

Register for this webinar to hear the experts from MRN share the key considerations around implementing technology and technological elements within clinical trials, their recommendations on the best practices for integrating new systems and technologies, as well as what the future looks like when it comes to technology and decentralized trials.

Key takeaways –              

  • Key considerations around technology implementation within decentralized clinical trials
  • Best practices for integrating new systems/technology
  • Future roadmap of technology within clinical studies
  • Remembering the importance of human interaction with patients


Register here: https://xtalks.com/webinars/what-can-an-advanced-digital-platform-bring-to-decentralized-clinical-trials/ 

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