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What You Should Consider When Operating Clinical Trials – The Community Model

Last month we held a webinar as part of CTE’s Digital Week to look at the community model and how this can be effectively utilized moving forward now and post-COVID19.

We are proud to be the leaders in running decentralized trials; having delivered over 45,000 remote visits to patients in their communities since 2006, and we are currently delivering over 1000 visits a month. Stuart Redding presented this webinar. Stuart is our COO and one of our original founders and with over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he is an expert on implementing and running decentralized trials.

During the webcast, Stuart looked at what the community trial model is, how this is operationalized and what is changing now and in the future of the sector. Stuart also spoke on the key challenges in running clinical trials today, how the community model addresses these issues and when utilized, how this model can result in driving improved patient engagement in trials.

As the traditional trial model becomes extinct, customer expectations continually change, technology evolves and so do patient’s demands; the need for change is now more important than ever. With demands on the site always increasing via regulatory requirements, a larger number of trials, and recruitment targets rising, we still see 85% of trials fail to recruit, with 80% of total trials delayed due to recruitment issues. The Community Model is designed to address all of these needs by revolving the trial around the patient – enabling them to be seen when and where they like. There are a multitude of factors to consider when running a decentralized trial such as study design, patient feedback from advocacy groups, visit structure, etc. The community model focuses on combining customer service with healthcare, making sure people receive the care they need, not just technology to make their lives easier. To hear more about the other key considerations and implications when running community-based trials, listen to the recorded webinar now.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help speed up your trial by increasing patient recruitment and improving patient engagement, then please contact us at HTSinfo@themrn.co.uk

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